Rock Your HeART Out, annual Concert & Art Auction, celebrates HRI’s former clients who have successfully found safety and freedom.



Now in its third year, RYHO pairs up teams of local artists and former HRI clients to create unique pieces for the silent auction, each of which will shed light on the immigrant journey to freedom. RYHO also presents a mini-documentary at the event, that chronicles the process of the artist+client pair creating their artwork. This artwork is auctioned off at RYHO, to benefit Human Rights Initiative of North Texas.


Each year, RYHO presents a musical act that is not only recognized for their art but for their social awareness as well. Our musical acts are as devoted to making our city better as we are! Their Music will blow your socks off and their Heart will melt yours.


All proceeds from RYHO are directed towards Human Rights Initiative of North Texas that provides 100% free legal and social services for vulnerable immigrants and refugees in the North Texas area. Because of HRI’s unique pro bono model, every dollar coming into the agency is multiplied by nearly five (5) times through the service donations of our volunteer attorneys. In 2017, volunteers donated over $4.2 Million in legal services to HRI clients!



2018 LINE-UP


Back by popular demand, our 2018 Headliner!



San Antonio's own Bombasta, voted "Artists of the Year" by Texas Music Magazine and "Best Latin Alternative Band 2013" at the San Antonio Music Awards will be joining us for a night of cumbia, salsa, hip-hop, and bachata. Bombasta mastermind, Roberto Livar, may look like a west side San Antonio hipster, but he's one highly educated, highly cerebral, highly verbal young man who delivers his ideas in an onslaught of Spanglish. His natural singing style is a rapid, almost rap-like delivery that sounds loaded and dangerous. This energetic, horn-driven Latin funk band prides itself on its political activism and their music speaks to this. Bombasta stands on the shoulders of new pioneers of the sound like Bombasta's Roberto Livar, a musician with his feet planted at the center of the rock en español wave and his fingers dipped in almost every other genre in town.



Rock your HeART Out 2018 is looking for you!

Our Storytellers are talented, compassionate and respectful visual artists who would like the opportunity to be paired up with one of our clients. Our clients have escaped human rights violations and lost every bit of their former lives to find safety. We want to tell their stories through a different lens, a different perspective, a different narrative. We hope that this process will also inspire healing and understanding between our Clients, the Artists and our Community.

Once our Artists are chosen, we pair them with a Client. There is an initial meeting between the two, where the client story is shared and the artist suggests a few ideas as to how the piece may morph. At the second meeting, the artist may share the progress of the piece and/or further interview the Client.

Deadline to apply: July 28, 2018 - 5 P.M.
Storytellers notified/announced: early august
Project Completion Deadline: September 30, 2018
Rock Your HeART Out event: October 27th, 2018

*We could never thank our Storytellers enough, but we do offer a humble stipend and a free ticket to one of our events for their work.



Human Rights Initiative

In 2000, attorney Betsy Healy and social worker Serena Simmons Connelly founded Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. HRI offers free legal representation to those victims who are most vulnerable and, often times, completely invisible to the current justice system. All of HRI’s clients are survivors of human rights abuses, either internationally or domestically. Most often, they leave their home countries with little to nothing to help them start a new life and are faced with financial, cultural, language, transportation, and legal barriers. Through professional legal services, HRI is able to help these individuals overcome at least one of these hurdles: immigration status.  Through supportive social services, HRI begins to chip away at the rest.


HRI of North Texas provides legal and support services to refugees and immigrants who have suffered human rights abuses; advocates for justice; and promotes international human


Human Rights Initiative is proud of our innovative and efficient model to provide the maximum amount of services with the lowest cost to donors. Our legal services are always 100% free to the client. We are able to do this through a large, award-winning network of volunteer professionals who donate their time to help our cause. In turn, HRI offers free training and support to the professionals as they work on each legal case. 


Human Rights Initiative Announces Third Annual Benefit Concert & Art Auction!